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El Virrey Bookstore in Miraflores District Jul. 3rd, 2015 @ 01:42 pm
Three(?) weeks ago I went with my friend Bruno to El Virrey bookstore located in Miraflores district, Lima - Perú. We ate our lunch there because it has a cafeteria, an ice cream stand, and a little shop that sells all kind of tea :D

This is the view of the cafeteria near the entrance. The bookstore itself is behind.

This is the tea shop, ice creams are to the left.

The bookstore is filled from floor to ceiling, this is one of the corners. This section is about fantasy.

Here is a better view of the bookstore:

The bookstore is bigger than this, it includes other rooms with books about art, architecture and design. Behind are the books about social stuff and philosophy. To the left (not seen in this photo) it is the place for comics and graphic novels.

This is an amazing place to spend an afternoon. You can choose a book and sit down to read it, and buy it if you want. I bought a couple of graphic and non graphic novels here :D

Main problem: this place is expensive, but not so incredibly expensive for not to drop here from time to time :)
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Cat/Dog Fight Jun. 28th, 2015 @ 03:04 pm

Torelei belongs to Fiorella. Clawd is mine :)
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Tiny flea market at the University Jun. 18th, 2015 @ 01:13 pm
Last Saturday I dropped at University and I found this tiny flea market promoting articrafted stuff:

Well, one of the tables (the one to the right) was selling loose action figures and I bought this anime dollie :D

Oops, I only took this photo.
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We found a giant friendly mushroom! Jun. 9th, 2015 @ 01:13 pm

It felt so soft when I touched it :D
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New room at the university May. 24th, 2015 @ 08:09 pm
I was at the university's library where they recently added a new room for studying, chatting with friends and drinking coffee:

The red surface is a continous table that goes all around inside the room:

I was reading a book about "Teoría de Juegos" or "Game Theory": Nash dude´s stuff :)
The toy rabbit to the left was a gift from Bruno. Its name is simply "Bunny".

The table goes outside. Seats are behind:

For my taste, this building design is too much about stone and cement and too little about plants and grafittis. Well, trees are small because they are young, this building is less than a year old.
But for now it looks like a Franz Kafka's nightmare.
At least they could paint the walls in a different color.
I love the freaky red table, I love the idea that in the future those trees will be bigger, and inside this building is pretty awesome, but the color of the walls outside is hideous!!
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Ponies with guns are cool!! May. 23rd, 2015 @ 08:05 pm

Webcam testing at work got 20% cooler :D
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Raven is awesome! May. 16th, 2015 @ 11:57 pm
A couple of weeks ago I visited my friend Fiorella, and we ended up playing with our dolls :D

I randomly took this photo of Raven:

Raven is gorgeous and impressive (and she can stand by herself, yay!). In this photo she looks like the evil queen that will throw you inside her darkest dungeon and, after many years without any daylight and when you are about to lose your sanity, set you free to begin a new life as a beggar.

So, when Queen Raven found a zombie unicorn, she convinced him to follow her. He doesn't know that she plans to make him eat her enemies' brains while their families are watching unable to help...

... then, a new era of darkess will begin.

Raven and Nightmare: belongs to Fiorella
Neighthan Rot: mine
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Last photos from El Museo Bodega y Quadra May. 7th, 2015 @ 01:37 pm
The first photos where from the part of the museum that shows the old house reconstruction. The following photos were taken inside the exhibition rooms:

Some of the goods found during the excavations where fragments of chinese porcelain. They are from XVI-XVII centuries.

What the info says is:
"Marks or Signs:
The marks or signs represent the reigns when these pieces were made. It is worth noticing that the signs of emperors of XV century, like Yung-Lo, Hsuan Te and Cheng Hua, were printed in all porcelain goods from XVI to XX with the goal to gain prestige."

This is a map showing the trading route in XVI and XVII centuries between El Callao and Manila (Filipines) across Pacific Ocean:

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El Museo Bodega y Cuadra (Lima - Perú) Apr. 30th, 2015 @ 11:28 pm
These are photos from February 2013 I forgot I had. Tony Stark went with Bruno and me to visit El Museo Bodega y Quadra in Lima (at the time I'm writting this, its Facebook says it is closed because of maintenance and they will tell the date when the museum opens again, maybe they are adding some cool stuff):

You pass thought these building when entering the museum, there are special dates when the entrance is free:

The museum was originally an aristocratic family's house until XVIII century. It was in terrible conditions until its reconstruction a few years ago.
Its name comes from one of its owners: Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra, who discovered Vancouver Island.

This is part of the original building:

When Juan Francisco was alive, his house was colorful and decorated with fancy objects. Their fragments were found during the excavations.

Rich families also had their own water supply inside their properties:

Nowadays, people throw coins into wells because there's the belief this will bring good luck.
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Some Stuff I Exchanged Apr. 21st, 2015 @ 10:14 pm

These blocks were the Playgo equivalent to Duplo and they belonged to my cousins. I gave them to Monica and Rezso's daugther (their Star Wars figurines are to the left, wampa and friends spent some days with me after our snowy mountain adventure). Monica and Rezso gave me a 90s StormTrooper and a chocolate bunny :D :D :D
I also gave them some Barbie Gloria doll's entertainment set I knew my sister won't miss. I could keep it for my Monster High dolls, but I strongly dislike hot pink furniture unless it is too tiny to be noticed (well, I kept the toy CRT TV, he he).
I played with Gloria's playset as kid. They are cheaper than Barbie's, have a little lower quality, but are decently well made and detailed, so a little girl will enjoy them (I donated all my Gloria/Barbie stuff years ago. I find Barbie pretty boring).

Another peruvian enterprise that made toys until 90s was Hude. It made a girl's toyline called Lidy that was based on tiny figures and their playsets.
I had several Lidy sets when I was a kid, but they were donated years ago... except for the bigger ones: The Lidy Park and the Hyper Lidy. I used to prefer the Hyper Lidy (a shoppoing center) because I could simulate a mini zombie apocalypse with my Bouncer Zity Zombies, but eventually I felt those sets would be happier with a person who truly appreciate them, instead somebody like me that just plays with them once and them shelves them in the abandoned room at the top floor.

So I left them at Critteria Coleccionables Store. As long as I know, they are still there, patiently waiting for a new owner:

Other figure that is waiting for a loving owner is my cousin Giuliana's Violator figure (I asked her and she didn't care about whatever I wanted to do with her figure):

It is the one to the right.

I could keep Violator for myself, but it is so ugly that it used to scare me when I was a teenager. I played with it once or twice but I never liked it.

In the next photos, the only ones items that weren't from my house are the Mr. T figures, the motorbike and Ripley's gun:

I bought Ripley years ago but she was too big to get along with my Jurassic Park/Star Wars/GI Joe/Indiana Jones/Disney/Bootleg Anime/Justice League figures, and too small to befriend with my Monster High dolls. The Playmobile Astronauts were part of my cousin Jose Luis' toys. Many years ago I kept his Playmobil Spaceship (plus all the astronauts) for myself. He didn't care. I love the Spaceship and the astronauts, but from all five astronauts, three of them were white and it felt too repetitive. Also, several accesories were missing. So I took two of the white astronauts with the more missing pieces to Critteria Colleccionables. They are waiting for an owner too.

The Spain 80 (ok, it wasn't 80, it was 82) World Cup items to the left are now with a collector of old World Cup's memorabilia.

I left more figures at Critteria Coleccionables, but I didn't take photos.

As far as I can remember, this is what I've got:
Two 1:24(?) motorbikes (perfect for my GIJoes)
Five freaky Fusion GIJoes
A Pocahontas Dolls
Five Neopets figures
three Mc Donals Happy Meal figures
three Warriors of Virtue
Palpatine, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Django Fett, a StormTrooper, Nick Furia, a Justice League girl, a Grayskull figure (missing his cape and accesores), a Cobra white ninja, a Cobra Commander and a Digimon mini-figure.
And a chocolate bunny :D

I don't care if I receive less than I give, the main idea is to clean my home, second: give someone else something to enjoy, three: have a lot of fun ! :D (in fact, the last one is the most important).
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Old Peruvian building blocks: Playgo Apr. 17th, 2015 @ 01:35 pm
Playgo was a line of toy building blocks manufactured in Perú until mid 90s by an enterprice called Basa. When Lego entered peruvian market, Playgo couldn't compete because its noticeable lower quality and high price.
Basa still exists, but it doesn't make toys anymore.

Some weeks ago I found an almost new Playgo box in my house. It wasn't mine, it belonged to my cousing. When I show him the box, he didn't care nor wanted it, so I took it to Critteria Coleccionables store (plus some other items I can't remember now) and make a toy exchange!! :D

I have to admit that I come from a family of moderated(?) hoarders, so I found vintage treasures from time to time, forgotten around my house and wanted by nobody.

Patricia took the job to assemble the playset. I have zero skills to build anything, so I was amazed when I saw the final result:

On the table, there are my Freaky Fusion GI-Joes. The toy exchange included the motorcycles inside the boxes on the left, the figures on the boxes (han Solo and a Justice League girl), and taking Bruno's box full of Joe's spare parts and make some Frankensteiniac Joes for myself (I'm sure I spent no lees than 2 hours in this task, I was in my personal heaven).

The Playgo box was a pirate playset:

A couple of weeks later, when I returned to the store, Bruno told me that a collector bought all the Playgo items including this box.
"It isn't only because you gave your childhood's toys to other children and now you miss them." - Bruno said - "sometimes your paren'ts couldn't afford buying these toys, and you remember seeing them in stores. Now, as an adult, you have the money, but the toys are gone."

I've seen with true happyness some of my family's neglected stuff leaving this store with people who will truly appreciate it: 90s Coca Cola items, Spain 80 World Cup items, even Bruno kept a couple of figurines (those were mine) for himself.
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A couple of creepy photos from the Zombie Diorama at Critteria Coleccionables Apr. 6th, 2015 @ 08:42 pm

Zombies are awesome!!
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We finally could defeat the wampa Apr. 2nd, 2015 @ 09:56 pm
During our quest on Pucacocha mountain last March, we finally could find the wampa:

The wampa first saw Luke and attacked him, but Luke was faster and...

... stopped the wampa with just one movement.

As long as wampas are an endangered species, we dind't kill this one (see? no blood). Our research team is planning to relocate  wampas to make Hoth planet more secure for visitors and wampas themselves :)
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It was a Kolylocos Saturday Mar. 23rd, 2015 @ 01:57 pm
I spent part of this summer (from December to March in the South Hemisphere) cleaning my home. So I found a lot of old stuff forgotten around.
Kolylocos is the name of a kind of plastic puzzles with metal balls inside released in Perú during early 80s and mid 90s(?) in Perú. They were called "Kolylocos" because Kolynos is a brand name of a tooth paste, and for getting a Kolyloco you have to exchange some Kolynos boxes and some money. In my case, my Kolylocos stayed forgotten during almost 30 years in my mom's room, so I took them to Critteria Coleccionables to exchange them for Star Wars action figures.

This is one of the Kolylocos, solved:

It has suffered because the big metal ball inside.

I didn't imagine all the awesomeness that the Kolylocos would start: Bruno, Patricia, and all the friends that came to the store ended up playing with the Kolylocos:

Notice the rest of the Kolylocos on the table.

I confess that I could never ever be able to solve a single one of the Kolylocos. I used to play with them when I was a little child, but I have 100% total lack of patience.

Thsi was the first time in my life I saw them get solved!

Awesome! Those Kolylocos went from unnoticed to total fun!
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Custom Zombies by Bruno Lecca Mar. 15th, 2015 @ 08:07 pm


Critteria Coleccionables (Bruno's store) is located at the 4th floor in Arenales Shopping cernter (El centro Comercial Arenales: Arenales Avenue 1737, Lince, Lima - Perú)

Also I wanted to share these awesome posts from Cool and Collected: How to make awesome Toy Photos with extremely cheap materials:
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More Photos of the Zombie Diorama at Critteria Coleccionables Mar. 13th, 2015 @ 01:44 pm
Because we love Zombies!

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The Zombie Diorama at Critteria Coleccionables Mar. 11th, 2015 @ 01:37 pm
Chris Mapp asked for it, so here it is!

The Zombie Diorama at Critteria Coleccionables! Made by Bruno Lecca himself!

Here are some close ups:

"The End is Extremely F***king Nigh!

More photos coming! :D
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Not so lucky, after all Mar. 9th, 2015 @ 10:46 pm
Featuring two of my freaky fusion GIJoes I assembled from the spare parts at Critteria Coleccionables, the store in Arenales Shopping center where I exchange toys:

"I think we are safe now, pal :D"

Wampas can survive at +16000 feet (5000 meters) above sea level.

Wampa isn't mine, he/she belongs to Monica and Rezso (they are wife and husband) :D
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Han Solo in Pucacocha Mountain Mar. 3rd, 2015 @ 01:56 pm
I hired Han Solo to capture the wild wampa that tries to eat us everytime we wander these mountains:

The mountain behind is El Rajuntay.
Altitude: around 5000 masl (+16000 feet).

Figures (including the wampa) belong to toy collectors Mónica and Rezso :D
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Photos from inside Critteria Coleccionables Store Feb. 26th, 2015 @ 01:51 pm
Located in Arenales Shopping Center, 4th floor, this is the store I chose to exchange my old 80s/ 90s toys for other old 90s and 2000s toys (he he he). The owner, Bruno Lecca, is an awesome friendly guy. He uses to be at the store with his girlfriend :D

The store is filled with 80s/90s/2000s awesomeness and it used to have a GIJoe diorama. Then, it had a MOTU diorama, and now, it is all about Zombies (I forgot to take some photos)!!

These are a few photos of the GIJoes:

Some figures of Cobra, Samus and Solid Snake:

And this little iguana, the Store's pet :D :D :D

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A couple of photos of the Wampa (that isn't mine!) Feb. 22nd, 2015 @ 06:14 pm
Here's the wampa that attacked us, in from of El Rajuntay Mountain:

Here's another shot of the wampa chasing Barriss Offee:

Photo is inclined and poorly taken because I had to run away too!!
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Happy Ten Anniversary to The Traveling Picture Show Feb. 16th, 2015 @ 09:52 pm
The Traveling Picture Show is a community created by other livejournal users in 2005. I started to post my toy photos here in June 2006. Now the original creators left long ago, but I don't care, I just wan to say...

Happy ten Anniversary to The Traveling Picture Show!

Now, I will post a photo of the wild wampa my Barriss Offee found near El Rajuntay mountain (includes bad weather):


Sadly, Wampa isn't mine.
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I Know that Feel, Bro Feb. 15th, 2015 @ 11:01 pm

"We are not meant for skateboarding"

Don't worry, Michel's beverage is alcohol-free :)
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Posing in front of El Rajuntay mountain Feb. 13th, 2015 @ 01:38 pm

This is Miner. It is not clear if he (she?) is human, mutant, dead, undead, biomatrixed, cyborg, zombie, zombiecorn or anything in between.
All I know is that Miner mines stuff, like rocks and data ;)
Once, Miner worked for the Good Directorate, now Miner wanders high mountains looking for Captania.

Altitude: uhhh... +14000 feet? (+4800 masl)

Yay! :D

I admit I was reading too much Romantically Apocalyptic.
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I'm asking myself... Feb. 9th, 2015 @ 10:48 pm
When toys started to get this cute??

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The Monster Gang (part 2) Feb. 4th, 2015 @ 10:43 pm
This is a close up of Ghoulia and Rilah (pronounced "Reeluh"):

I made Rilah's dress from scrap fabric and gave Ghoulia her glasses back. I've imagined silly stories about Rilah trying to eat Neighthan's little sisters, because Rilah is half kappa demon and werewolf, so her favorite food are cucumber and... children. But no worries here, she is just joking and annoying Neighthan, she and the bunny girls are actually friends.


I prefer Ghoulia as Mattel made her because she is epic adorable, a comicbook lover, a nerdy girl, and dinosaur fighter*!!

Here's a close up of Skelita "Lupita" Calaveras:

She is the daughter of Death and Catrina la Garbancera. This makes her the foster sister of Susan Sto Helit. While Susan doesn't know if she wants to have a human life or inherit Death's "job", Skelita is also Death herself. She can access knowledge beyond life and death, and decide any creature's ultimate fate.
For now, she is too young to carry such a responsability, so she spends her time learning about justice, philosophy, history, folklore and art. She is also helping me with my thanatophobia.

At first I was confused about how an skeleton can have a gender. Of course the have it! Just look at the pelvis :)
Catrina is female, mainly because "Muerte" is a feminine noun in spanish, so we (spanish-speakers) tend to see Death as female.

 * as seen in the Freaky Fusion movie. Get that, Erick Kirby! he he he
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The Monster Gang (part 1) Feb. 3rd, 2015 @ 11:01 pm

From Left to Right: Rilah (half kappa demon, half werewolf), Ghoulia Yelps, Neighthan Rot, Skelita "Lupita" Calaveras, and the Bunny Mark Crusaders: Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle.

I know, the Equestria Cutie Mark Crusaders Girls are supposed to be ponies, and I bought them to be Neighthan's little cute sisters (I found them in a store here in Lima, and after Xmas they were with a discount... so the "Target Exclusive" stuff was a blatant lie, he he).

Then I noticed a few of things: first: No tails. Second: No wings (Scootaloo) and no horn (Sweetie Belle), and the most important: the shape of the ears are different compared with Neighthan's, and the girls' ears are a lot bigger compared with their heads.

Also, when I looked Neighthan's face...

(yep, I changed his hairdo a little)

... and compared him with these little girls...

They DO look like cute bunnies!
These are the faces I wanted for the regular Equestria Girls line. The CMC could have more rounded faces instead. For now, I don't like the head's mold of the regular Equestria Girls, but I LOVE the Cutie Bunny Mark Crusaders!!

They are so adorable, so tiny...
Wait, if they are bunnies, How can they be Neighthan's sisters?
Because they are adopted.

This is the story I invented for them:
In Terry Pratchett's "Lords and Ladies" novel, it happend that the evil elves took some baby bunnies and put them on an anthill. The fate of the bunnies is unknown, it is supposed they die, but in fact they were rescued by Neighthan's mom. It is probably he went jealous at first, but after knowing what happened to these bunnies, little Neighthan went heartbroken and promised he will be nice with the bunnies.
For now, the bunny girls are too young to know what really happened with their family, so they grew up thinking they are horse-like creatures.

The big brother-little sisters relationship has its issues to deal with. The little sisters are jealous of their brother's clawsome tail and unicorn's magic (healing, teletransportation between short distances, and moving light objects). On the other hand, the big brother is jealous of his sisters' extreme physical agility: like any rabbit, they can run really fast, jump extremely high, and they have a highly developed equilibrium sense.

The Cutie Bunny Mark Crusaders can stand of their own like their brother, and they love to go on skateboards :D (poor clumsy Neighthan, he just can dream about riding a skateboard...).

But this doesn't matter, because they love each others a lot <3


I love this song:

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Can I park my car here ? - Cutay Lagoon Feb. 1st, 2015 @ 09:00 pm

Altitude: 4200 masl
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First weekend of 2015 Jan. 18th, 2015 @ 06:49 pm
Juanito, Bruno and me made the journey from: San José de Parac town (around 3800 masl) to Huangro lagoon (+4900 masl) to Arca lagoon (+4600 masl) to Matucana town (around 2300 masl). All in Huarochirí province.
Total distance: 33 Km. (it was a hard and exhausting journey!).

We arrived to San Jose de Parac on January 2nd, after a night in San Mateo de Huanchor. This is the journey to Huangro lagoon (from left to right: Juanito and me):

We spent the night from Friday to Saturnday camping next to Huangro Lagoon, in the snow, and above the light of the moon (after the storm that hit us). This photo was taken by Bruno at Saturday's dawning:

So awesome!!!.

My Barriss Offee wanted to pose with the snow:

What's behind her is this (image is 1800x1200, if you want it as a wallpaper :D):

Yep, my camera is too old and cheap to process and enhace its photos, so this is pretty close to what I was actually contemplating. I was amazed by the sun lights entering between the clouds.

My Pop Culture side was shouting/screaming: I'm in Hoth!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D
(nope, really, I was thinking about Romantically Apocalyptic (we had an electric storm that Friday night. Bruno was Snippy, Juanito was Engie, and I was Pilot :D).

This is our camp a little later (don't get wrong by the sunny sky, weather got terribly bad after a couple of hours):

Barriss wanted to pose more:

During Saturday, we walked to Arca lagoon following the path left by vicuñas, by the side of snowy mountains an a perpetual abyss.

In this photo, the red arrows show our path. It wasn't as vertical as it may looks, it is in fact a hillside (well, the angle of the hillside near the arrow to the right have more degrees than the one near the other arrow):

We spent the night from Saturday to Sunday near Arca lagoon. Nobody goes to these regions during these months because is the stormy season in the highlands. So, with no people around, wild animals feel more confident, we could see a couple of foxes :D

This is the last photo, going to Matucana. The landscape changes a lot:

Going from Arca lagoon to Matucana during stormy season is something I DON'T recommend. Rain makes easy to slide on the soil, wet rocks are dangerously slippy, plus you have that perpetual abyss a few centimeters from you. I was far more scared here than on the Huayna Potosí mountain (+6000 masl in Bolivia).

Bruno and Juanito are extremely skilled mountaineers. Bruno could lead us to Matucana with no knowing the way, and Juanito was by my side, helping me with the hardest parts. We ended up wet, cold, and physically and emotionally exhausted.

From Matucana, we took a bus back to Lima :D

A thrilling way to start 2015!
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My zombie version of the Nutcracker Jan. 17th, 2015 @ 11:38 pm

Yay, I got Neighthan Rot for Xmas. :D :D :D

This is the story:
It was mid(?) 2014 and, after perusing tons of blogs about anything related to toys*, I noticed the new Monster High characters girls: Avea, Bonita and Sirena. All of tem are beautiful (specially Avea) but for me they have a very big problem: they are so bulky that I can't store any of them inside my doll drawer, so I forget them.
Then, I found photos of Neighthan.
It was instantaneous love/insane obssession.

For me, he has everything I could dream/sell my soul to Satan for/wish in a doll: he is a long-haired boy :D :D :D, he is a horse**, he has adorable ears and a tail (omg... a tail!!). Plus, in a fashion-obsessed fantasy world, he is 100% fashion-blind and a freak, he is also clumsy as hell, half zombie (zombies are cool!!), and soft-voiced.

A lot of times it happens that I see toys online and I feel "I would love to have him/her/it!". The next thing always happens is that I forget those feelings after a while, but this time I couldn't take Neighthan out of my mind during weeks (months?).

So I knew I will love to have him, no matter the price.
On late last november, I went to different stores here in Lima, knowing in advance I will not find him. In one of the stores I was told they actually imported ten Neighthans, but they were sold immediatly (in spanish: "volaron": they "flew away", that's the term used here).

My aunt Margarita and my uncle Luchito use to buy movies and books on Amazon, so, by Black Friday, I asked them to buy me a Neighthan. I would give them back any cost in cash (I have no idea how to buy online).
Then they told me they had to make some purchases of cheap items to know about the shipping and tracking process before trying with something more expensive, so I said to myself: "I can wait after holidays to get my unicorn-zombie doll in 2015".

On Xmas, my aunt and my uncle gave the surprise: they bought Neighthan for me and gave me him as an special present :D

From here, I what to say: Ten Thousand Thanks!!

There's another advantage of getting a toy a little late: sometimes the manufacturer makes little changes for good: my Neighthan has his tail deeply rooted inside his body, and didn't have any rubber band (because his tail doesn't need it). It is a great improvement compared with this.

Fun! :D :D

[About the Freaky Fusion Movie]
About the Freaky Fusion movie (I saw it on youtube, he he he): Lame movie. Animation looks like it was made in 2001, poor development of the new characters (the hybrids), poor argument (you can eliminate the fusion/hybrids part of the movie an it doesn't change anything), and (the worst) is that they turned Frankie into a Mary Sue (a Mary Sue reveals a poor character's personality design). Her dialogues are so sugary saturated that made me feel sick (this is for real).
That's not fair for Frankie, I liker her. Couldn't they make her more complex?
The only one reason I will watch this move again it will be solely because of Ghoulia's epic adorableness. And, of course, if it costs me nothing.
Ghoulia Rocks!!!


* my main time-waster.
** horses are awesome; I became a fan of these beautiful animals. Blame MLP and the Senior Wrangler/Spelter from the Unseen University (yes, I made that question)!!
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