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At the University Oct. 19th, 2014 @ 08:06 pm
Last Friday night, I went to university to study a couple of hours and ended up wandering inside the library:

I took the next photo yesterday, inside the empty classroom where I was sort-of-studying (it is not fully true because I got distracted daydreaming... ok, I'm about to catch a cold and it makes studying ten times harder):

Kora Solis (from The Littlest Pet Shop Toyline) is the little fox to the left (I also bought Lola Hopalong). To the center-right is the skateboard I use for going to university on Saturdays (and sometimes other days). I also ride it inside university campus mainly for fun :D

Other thing, I love this music video (favorite character: The "Fire Priest"):

Miguel Bosé is gorgeous!!! :D :D :D
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Playing with dolls Oct. 18th, 2014 @ 04:08 pm
"Doll" is a fancy name for "Action Figure":

Here are my Polly Pockets taking over Space:

And here, Fiorella and me were playing "Lady Godiva":

Fiorella gave me the Jem doll as a gift. Made in Japan, she was never sold in Perú. I like to think she actually is Halo Jones, but I don't have any space-girl outfit for her :(
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Figures in Aragorn Toys Oct. 8th, 2014 @ 06:24 pm
Aragorn Toys is a little toy store by the side of Park Cómics. They use to display their coolest figures:

The Joker rules :D

The exact address of Aragorn Toys is: 1318 Arnaldo Marquez Avenue (second floor), Jesús María District, Lima - Perú.
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This Iron Man... Sep. 27th, 2014 @ 10:31 pm

... was painted by my cousing Jose Luis. Mine (the little one) wanted a photo with his big brother. "Ingeniería Mecánica" (Mechanics Engineering) is my cousin's career. This big Iron Man was a gift for a friend of my cousin.
"Sandwitch" is a kind of sandwitch made by D'Onofrio, an ice cream peruvian company.
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Star Wars figures (that aren't mine) Sep. 19th, 2014 @ 09:28 pm
These amazig figures are part of the collection of The peruvian Star Wars fan group: The Force :D

"Infinito" is how they call their Diorama Exhibition:

By far, this is my favorite:

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Good Bye League of Extraordinary Bloggers! Sep. 15th, 2014 @ 10:46 pm

The end of the League of Extraordinary Bloggers

I had a lot of fun with the League every time I participate, so I truly will miss the League and its weeky asignments. From here I want to say thanks to Brian for keeping the fun this long time.

"well done, League, and Farewell!"


So, to cheer me up a little, I will post a photo of one of my bunnies with my toys:

Greetings from Perú!
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This week’s assignment from the League: It’s soooo good Sep. 13th, 2014 @ 09:48 pm

It's soooo good to have a little brave friend protecting your precious data :D

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Brian likes Sherlock Homes tv series sooo much
G.I. Jigsaw loooves the art of the GreatShowDowns

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Teacup Paradise Sep. 6th, 2014 @ 11:41 pm

Fiorella´s mom made the flowers to the left from discarded plastic bottles. She paints the flowers by hand, and has a little workshop in her bedroom.
Rilah loved the flowers and how she stores her teacups :D
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This week’s assignment from the League: Dinner Party Aug. 31st, 2014 @ 07:33 pm

First, let he introduce the party guests:

Le dear friends, José and Bruno:

Le Me:

"¿Do I look fat?" Answer: "Yes, blame the feather fill of my jacket".

Le car:

Our camp was to the left, near this lagoon.

Le puma (le mountain lion):

This is the story: we went for climbing El Rajuntay Moutain, in Junín region a month ago (because of peruvian independence holidays). We couldn't climb because of bad weather (how many times bad weather ruined our climbing??).
Then José said he heard something wandering around our camp the night before. That day, we found a horse's carcass near El Rajuntay (a little far from the lagoon). The night before we left, and after going for water, Bruno said he could see a pair of little red dots on the other side of the lagoon near our camp.
Of couse, I was scared. José said camera flash scare pumas and makes them get blind (it also works for dogs). So the next time we went for water, I flashed the lagoon several times. All I got was a bunch of black photos, but it probably worked and scared the puma away.

The next morning we found the steps shown in the last photo. It seems the puma wasn't big, so if it could eat a horse, maybe the horse was injured or sick, and was abandoned by its owner.
Looking at the puma's steps we learn that it walks on its fingers, maybe for no making any noise.
at the end I never saw the puma.

Hapily, this dinner was cancelled.

Other dinners around the league where the guests aren't the food:

OMG, action heroes party!!
This party has action movie heroes too!
I want a dinner with Leonardo Da Vinci too :D
I love Finn too!!

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La Llorona Aug. 17th, 2014 @ 09:38 pm

Eugenia Leon (Catrina's voice in the video of the last's post) - La Llorona (Complete Song)

The legend of La Llorona is here.
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Sueño de una Tarde Dominical en la Alameda Aug. 16th, 2014 @ 06:27 pm
Fiorella invited me to lunch with her at her home last saturday :D
Also my little Series-B-Not-a-Monster-High dollie called Rilah got the opportunity to meet her bigger sisters:

"You are so beautiful!"

Rilah is a hybrid (I recently knew there are Monster High hybrids): a mix of a Werewolf and a Kappa demon.

Also, here's a photo of Fiorella and Abbey:

Fiorella has a deep knowledge about literature and art (she mentioned a lot of authors and painters I had no idea about! sadly I can't remember their names now). With the Monster High dolls in our hands, our conversation was about literature, history, folklore, art, art design and engineering,
Yep, engineering!
It was because I was amazed about the Monster High fragile-looking limbs (Rilah has no articulared limbs) and how sturdy they actually are. A child can play with them with no worries about breaking them. So I mentioned that after artists design the dolls and their outfits, engineers came and make the dolls' articulations after studying the material (plastic) physical resistance.

We talked about Mary Shelley, Bram Stocker, Frida Kahlo, kappa demons, lady Godiva and Peeping Tom, traveling and adventure (she is traveling to USA in the next weeks, I barely know Perú and Bolivia).

The Star of the Day, and my favorite Fiorella's Monster High so far, is Skelita Calaveras:

Clearly mexican, she was the reason we talked about Frida Kahlo. Her husband Diego Rivera actually painted Skelita's mom: La Calavera Catrina or Catrina la Garbancera:

This close-up is part of la larger painting named "Sueño de una Tarde Dominical en la Alameda". In english: "Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Alameda", a painting about mexican history and folklore.

Also, on wikipedia, I found this doll portraying Frida herself:

"Frida and Diego lived in this house 1929-1954". It was a figure created for the Frida Kahlo museum.
Maybe Frida was a Skelita's relative. We will never know.

What I wanted to point out is how amazing and interesting Monster High dolls can be. Their monster themes are deeply rooted in history, art, literature, mythology and legends. Smart parents can make their child interesting on these topics just talking about the dolls' origins. Skelita made me search for info about Frida and Diego, and I found interesting details about them and their work, plus this short mexican animation (no dialogs, I loved Catrina's singing):

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This week’s assignment from the League: Top 1 Aug. 8th, 2014 @ 10:41 pm

This is a little nerdy joke I wanted to make since some time ago. Enjoy!

First, let me introduce to you all, the amazing Wau number (I watched the video and I was amazed!):

After taking a course on Measure Theory the last months, I found another cool property of the Wau number. I won't get into the gory math details, don't get scared, this will be short and simple, let's begin:

We will define the following:

Omega is a space, any space: numbers, sets, animals, squares, Higgs bosons... anything you want.
F is a set called "sigma-algebra", it allow us to define properties on Omega and work with it. F has special characteristics: it includes a set that belongs to Omega and the complement of A. F includes Omega itself and the empty set. If F includes any other set, it includes its complement and the unions and intersections of any other set that belongs to F (also includes the complements of those unions and intersections).
Next we define a probability. It is just a number between 0 and 1 that we assign to any set in F.

These three together make a Measure Space (if P is any number it is called Measure Space. If P is between 0 and 1, it is a Probability Space. So any Probability Space is also a Measure Space):

Now I will introduce to you all the Lebesgue Integral. It is just a sum of the probabilities (or measures) of the sets inside F with other special properties, but we don't need to get into details here :)

Then, the whole family looks like this:

"dP" means that the integral is tied to our probability. A is any set in our sigma-algebra F.

This integral is the same as the following:

The "1A" means "The Indicator Function of set A". This is simply that if we tak any element in F, if it belongs to A, the indicator function gives 1, otherwise it gives 0.The Lebegue integral on set A is the same as the Lebesgue integral of the indicator function of A on the whole Omega space.

And this is equal to:

The probability of set A. The number between 0 and 1 we assigned to the set A.

If we tahe the Lebesgue Integral on the whole Omega space...

You can google to find out the real value of the Wau number :D you also will know why this is a "Top 1" :D :D

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I love figurine Top Tens :D
DVD collection!
I love short stories too, Lovecraft rocks!
Top Ten Marvel Movies

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Michel Tries Skateboarding Aug. 2nd, 2014 @ 10:31 pm

He is just learning how to ride on a skateboard, I wish him luck (he is not as skilled as he may think, in fact, he is about to fall down, just look at his right foot!)
Clothes "stolen" from my Harry Potter doll :D
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Headphones Repairing Jul. 31st, 2014 @ 10:48 pm

I'm using them at work :D

I love this video:

Here are the lyrics: (Taken from this link)

Green Washing Lyrics (English)

We want green (6x) washing
We want plane rides
airbus, and diesel
mandarins all seasons

Great trip in the sky
some high tech at home
new technologie
We want to say sorry
and ease our mind

we want meat from Argentina
some meat at every meal
work-food in the kitchen
we want sugar, we want fat
we want less expensive, we want better
we wany always a little of somewhere else
We want the sea, we want summer
even in winters we want to tan

we want green (6x) washing
it's us, the best pinnochios of marketing
we want green (6x) washing

we want pebbles under sands
We want beaches of white sands
networks for our cell phones
we always want the network to be on maximum
we want reasonables orgies
greats concrete exchangers
and friends always available
we want party and ghettos

we want green (6x) washing
we're the best pinnochios of marketing
we want green (6x) washing

we want water that always flows
and less wrinkles
we want youth in a powder
we want snow in summer
greats buildings under the sun
we want pharaonic monuments
we want everywhere the same
some wi-fi and digital

we want green (6x) washing
it's usthe best, pinnochios of marketing
we want green (6x) washing

we want to phosphate-free detergents
all organic shampoo
forests for our 4x4s
Coal in our cosmetics
abusive slogans "more white than white" "more green than green"
ecological mascaras while we get high with nuclear

we want green (6x) washing
we want green (6x) washing
we want to say sorry, ease our mind
we want green (6x) washing
we want the sea, we want summer, we want to tan
we want green (6x) washing
we want parties and ghettos
we want green (6x) washing
we are the best
we want green (6x) washing

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Politically Incorrect Art Jul. 19th, 2014 @ 10:01 pm
This one mixes religious art with the social conflicts of the last decades in Perú:

This one is named "Perú, País del Mañana" ("Perú, Country of Tomorrow") portraying peruvian presidents:

All of them are saying "Mañana" ("Tomorrow"). In this case, it means "things are always left for tomorrow... forever".

In the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barranco District there are a blackboard where anyone can draw whatever he/she wants:

From left to right: I love you Mircko -> I love you Taticc!! :) -> But I'm pervert!! (plus: Ponies!)

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Playing With Art Jul. 12th, 2014 @ 09:58 pm
Hawk Girl tries to make stuff to explode:

While others, try to not get eaten:

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This week’s assignment from the League: Pop Culture Road Trip Jun. 20th, 2014 @ 09:01 pm

I want to go to Arenales Shopping Center!!
I've talked about El Centro Comercial Arenales in Lima before. Located on Arenales Avenue, Lince District, it is a place you must visit if you are a pop culture lover and if you are in Lima. I talked about it to my friend Bruno who is a traveling guide. It happened that he had a client and his son from Spain and they had a free day to spend in Lima. Bruno took them to Arenales Shopping center, they ended up amazed!

El Centro Comercial Arenales has four floors filled up with stores dedicated to games, pop culture and anime culture.

I took this photo on the fourth floor, a store had an exhibition of pure He Man awesomeness!!

This is another store, dedicated to anime culture:

These are photos from other stores:

There are stores dedicated to comics, transformers, Star Wars, musical instruments, games... A recommended day for going is on Saturdays.

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Going Going Going to Amazing places
A japanese Studio, yay!
I love vintage Disney Figures
It's Summer, yah!
It's a John Hughes inspired trip
New Zealand is Epic!

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Hawk Girl faces strange creatures Jun. 19th, 2014 @ 09:04 pm
Facing a menacing sculpture:

This chained lion is a common paint on buses and trucks in Perú. On real vehicules, this paint is smaller and it is located below, near the wheels:

"Wanting it is achieving it". (In this case, "Poder" doesn't mean "Power", it means something you can achieve).
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This is something I found today Jun. 14th, 2014 @ 06:03 pm

At university they are asking for books to donate, so I looked for something to give around the piles of old stuff at home. Then, I found some of the old books I used in my second year at university when I was studying engineering (let me explain: I'm back to university now because I'm studiying a master in applied math). In one of the books I found the old writtings my friends made... fifteen years ago:

These writtings were extremely funny given these circunstances: You are an extremely young unexperienced teen, you barely can get good grades, your own textbooks seem written in a weird language filled up with fancy symbols and nice curves, and you are faaar faaaar from calling yourself a professional in anything useful stuff including engineering (especially engineering). So you are/feel dumb, useless and childish. Calling ourselves engineers at that time was more than a joke: it was plain insane and unrealistic.

Then those teens wrote this:
"Rafael Bocanegra: with love for Yelinna, this is a dedicatory of the book I wrote with my dude friend R. Figueroa G." (Rafael was joking about being the co-author of our own textbook!)
"This is an autograph of Fiorella Villafuerte inventor of Calculus 1, 2 and 3. Without me Figueroa, Bocanegra and Ortiz didn't have any job (we could barely pass the course of Calculus 1 and she was joking about inventing Calulus from 1 to 3, and giving the author of the book and the other two teens a job!!)
"Solutions given by Eng. Jaime L. Ortiz" (He was the Korn fan and he was joking about making the solutions of our textbook, also he was insane enough to call himself an engineer!)

Finding this makes me smile, we were so young back then... If someone told me in 1999 I will be reading this in 2014, smiling and actually being an engineer, I would swear that person were lying. Getting my engineer degree was two times harder for me than for the average person (I finally could get my engineering degree in 2010... yep, it was THAT hard! Not because lack of intelligence, it was mainly because some serious personal issues... I repeat: it was hard and painful as the freaking hell). By year 2002 I imagined that in year 2005 I would be dead, for sure and literally.
It didn't happen, it is 2014, I found this writtings and I'm smiling...
I plan to donate this book because I don't need it any more, but I'm keeping a high resolution scan of this page...
Just to remember myself that things tend to get better with enough time and effort :)

Also I found one of my favorites movies ever: Mr. Toad's Wild Ride by Terry Jones (actors are the Monthy Python gang). I watched it and recorded it on VHS more than 10 years ago. The VHS tape got destroyed by humidity many years ago. The movie is meant for children, but I simply simply love it. It is here in nine parts and here (entire movie).

Current music: The Weasels' song, of course!!

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At the university Jun. 8th, 2014 @ 05:37 pm
I like this store, I was studying/waiting for my class that day:

This is a photo I took of the whiteboard last week. Teacher was explaining the Power Iteration algorithm:

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More about Fiorella! :D :D Jun. 4th, 2014 @ 01:41 pm
I also took a photo of her Hello Kitty dolls:

This is one of her dogs:

In the last Hobbie Market (a pop culture fair in Lima organized since 2011(?)) I met her, and she was dressed as Batggirl:

Her brother Bruno has a stand where he was sellign commics. I bought The Ballad of Halo Jones and I loved the story. I strongly recommend it. It is a science fiction/adventure story about inner strenght and survival.
I also bought other comic book, Another Suburban Romance by Alan Moore. It was not just the surrealistic stories, the art work is also great!
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Fiorella's Books and Dolls May. 15th, 2014 @ 01:26 pm
Fiorella was my best friend at school, and after several years without any contact between us, we met again in a pop culture fair here in Lima last year (her brother Bruno buys and sells comic books).
She is an amazing person: friendly, joyful and caring. She has two dogs, both of them rescued from the street.
When I visited her, I could take shots of her amazing books, and I also found out she is a Monster Highschool fan!

The doll to the left belong to Fiorella, the one to the right is mine. Mine is a bootleg Monster High version I think was too adorable and well made to let her pass. Fiorella said my doll was a cool petite version of the originals.

Here is a shoot of the books behind:

"Alicia in Wonderland" to the left and "Fairies' Herbarium" to the right. Books like these tend to be extremely expensive because of thir quality.

Here's another masterpiece "Witches and Spells" (the rest of the dolls in the photos belong to Fiorella):

And an amazing edition of "Snow White":

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This week’s assignment from the League: What is your Super Power? Apr. 21st, 2014 @ 10:36 pm

I'M A NINJA!!!!1
I got ninja superpowers :D

In both photos I'm 1.50 meters above the floor. My head is almost touching the ceiling.

Both photos were taken 20 minutes ago. Wanna a plus? try to do this while the camera is in automatic shooting!!
Another plus? I'm 33 :D

G. I. Jigsaw has a cool superpower I want!!
Brian has the useful Tunnel Vision
Many collectors would like this Super Power

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This week’s assignment from the League: When did I get so… Apr. 18th, 2014 @ 05:14 pm

When did I get so...

... edible???

Here's a better shot of the toy-eater sculpture:

I know what the sculpture is thinking:
"When did I get so beautiful?"

Other people are trying to ask themselves:
Brian feels old :(
Pop Culture Bloggers are never lame
In fact I wish I were a zombie

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Gocta Waterfall Apr. 17th, 2014 @ 10:41 pm

It is 540 meters tall, located in Bongará District, Amazonas Region, Perú.
There are tours from Chachapoyas city that take you to visit Gocta.

Despite being located in the Amazon rainforest, inside the canyon it is very cold because of wind. Despite the cold air and water, some tourists like to take a bath here :D
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El Templo Mayor (The Main Temple) in Kuelap Apr. 5th, 2014 @ 03:58 pm
At first experts thought it was a food storage, an astronomy observatory or a prison. Now it is mainly accepted that it was a temple:

This is a translation from Wikipedia en Español:
"El Templo Mayor is one of the main sacret sites in the monument (Kuelap). This buidling has the shape of a truncated cone up side down. Its diameter is 13.5 m. in its upper part. Up there is evidence of several ritual offerings that included placing human bones inside its inner container, that endep up being a big ossuary. Human burials and offerings were found around the building. The offerings were from the peruvian north coast, and the highlands from Ayacucho and Cajamarca, both in Perú."
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This week’s assignment from the League: My life in one square foot Mar. 30th, 2014 @ 11:01 pm

Ok, I was about to pass this time because of extreme lazyness lack of inspiration.
In fact, this weekend I was like this:

Studying for my Applied Math Master Degree I just started this very month and will last for the next three years. As long as all the books are in pdf format, I bought the cheapest tablet I could find because it will be mainly used as an e-reader (it also ended up for playing my downloaded Gumball episodes :P)
This photo was a candidate for this Week's asignment, but as long as it covers more than one square foot, I discarded it (the amazing Playmobil Flying white car was a gift from my friend Roberto).
So I was about to quit, then I noticed I already had not one but two square feet to show, both of them hanging on my wall since many months ago as part of my room's decoration:

The first one is a cork board my sister left abandoned, the second one was made from a discarded plastic wrapping piece that was the same size of a cork board. You can see a little of the white wrapping plastic between Princess Cadence and the black haired anime guy, over the blue snake.

What catches my eyes is the ring at the center
My favorite is this one
no! my favorite is this one (Can't decide)
Chris is a Nintendo/Swiss knifes lover
I never could draw anything decent with crayolas :(
Primordial Bagdes has a cute parrot
Diary of a Dorkette shows us dolls
All things Calvin
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Kuelap Mar. 22nd, 2014 @ 09:24 pm
The Kuelap fortress is an important archeological site in Perú (the second after Machu Picchu) and receives small amount of visitors because it is far away from Lima (20 hours by bus, there are no plane flights to Chachapoyas province). Form Chachapoyas city (in Chachapoyas province, located in Amazonas region. It has the same name as the Amazon river in spanish) you can take a tour or a car to Luya province, where Kuelap is.

This is the outer wall. In some places is 19 meters tall.

It was discovered in mid XIX century and it was totally hidden by the jungle (Kuelap is placed on Amazon rainforest highlands). Kuelap was also a town where Chachapoyas people lived.

This is another view of the wall:

Kuelap is older than Machu Picchu and the Inca's culture. It is niot clear when it was built and, later, abandoned.

This is a reconstruction of one of the houses:

Houses were several meters tall, had two floors, and inside people had a place for their guinea pigs. The second floor was mainly the bedroom.
Kuelap also has tombs and a temple. When I was there, I could find human bones' pieces near a tomb.
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This week’s assignment from the League: My Latest Obsession Mar. 16th, 2014 @ 10:43 pm

In my case is:

Everything started when Chris posted this and this on Stunt Zombies.

Perú is a tropical country, we peruvians rarely (or never) see or touch snow in our entire lives. Plus, it is summer in the south hemisphere from December to March. It is annoying hot here now, and I was sickly tired of summer from... January.

I commented in Chris's blog:

"I have to climp up to +5000 masl (+16400 feet above sea level) to find snow...

He replied:
"I'd consider myself lucky if I had to climb that far to find snow :-p."

So I decided to get lucky >:)

This is how Anticona an San Andrés mountains looked like on March 2nd (Anticona is on the left, San Andrés is on the right, I was there with a mountaineering group called Aire Puro):

Freaking sunny and hot for being 5000 masl. The path to the point where both mountains touch eachother (the "low land" at the center of the photo) was supposed to be covered in snow.

I went home heartbroken, thinking that my beloved snow was dissapearing forever.

Then, on March 9th, I went back with Bruno, Don Raúl, Juanito and Antero. The following photo was taken where the Anticona and San Andrés mountains touch eachother (5100 masl):

AHJSGYTVScasgvagvytaf!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Covered in snow as it were 2010!! :D :D :D

We climbed to the top of the San Andrés (aroung 5200 masl). Sorry, no photos because of bad weather. My crappy 2007 digital camera gets blind with this whiteness :D
I'm told it is freezing above 3200 masl in Haurochirí province (Ticlio is in the frontier between Harochirí and Yauli provinces, in Lima and Junín regions respectively).

Sadly, the glacier itself it is dissapearing. What we have is snow, not ice.

More obssesions from The League:
Stunt Zombie loves Cadbury Candy
Cool and Collected loves TV
I have never watched the Big Lebowsky
The Fantastic Four :D
Obsessed with Outer Space
I'm scared!

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Mummies from Chachapoyas culture Mar. 6th, 2014 @ 10:57 pm
When I was in Chachapoyas town, there was a little exhibition inside one of the buildings in front of the main square.

What I found were mummies :D

Centuries old, these mummies show how chachapoyas people placed their dead ones inside their sarcophagus.

Here's a family: mom, dad and child:

It was conmon in ancient Perú to place dead ones in the same position we are before get born. From Paracas to Mochicas and Chachapoyas, bodies are always in this position.

One of the mummies was in possesion of a shaman who used him/her in his rituals. He/She was rescued by the police:

It seems he/she was a nice person :)
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