March 4th, 2011

Can I Park my Car Here? Season 2: Episode 11: The Lost Glacier

In the limit of Lima an Junín regions is a place called "Ticlio". It used to have snow many years ago, but in the last two decades the weather was too warm and the snow dissapeared, we thought forever...

Happily, we were wrong.

We walked some hours from Ticlio to Yauli province (Junín) looking for what my beloved boyfriend Bruno called "The Lost Glacier", because it is melting slowly by the years.

But this year, we found this:

Maybe this is just an unusual year. But there is a theory that explains the return of the snow: In a city called La Oroya, also in Junín Region, the mining industry ceased after many many decades. Any mining industry means pollution and fumes. This can change the average temperature of a geographical region. This theory is not proven, and it is most a rumor than a theory but....

WTF, I LOVE this place this way :D :D :D

Altitude: +5000 masl.

If you see photos of the Himalaya mountains at 5000 masl, they look the same as the Andes at 5000 masl.

Oh look, this is my deviantart account :D

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