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July 19th, 2011


This is where you can eat ice creams :D 10:35 pm
We (Bruno, a friend that we found walking near Longoni Vivaque: Marti from Europe*, and me) were at two towns looking for ice creams!

The best known place is a place called "Huascarán" in Carhuaz town. But we ate ice creams in another town: Caraz, where I took these photos:

This is Marti:

He loved the ice creams, he ate as much as Bruno and me together!

*I cant' remember the country he is from. It was Finlandia? ¿Eslovaquia? ¿Eslovenia?
... I write the names of the countries in spanish because I'm too lazy for googling!!


Current Location: Caraz - Perú
Current Music: Pink - Stupid Girl
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