October 14th, 2011

  • yelinna

After a ten hours Snow Storm

This is Unut ("Forget" in turkish) posing in front of Qampa's glacier. This was during our second day there. Unut is Başka's older brother.

This is Başka, posing in front of the same glacier at the morning the next day. She was near a little lagoon a few meters far from our campament. Camera is pointing in the same direction.

Bruno and me almost had to run away from this place, weather was really bad and we were at risk of not being able to go back (walking during 3-4 hours) to Pacchanta town.
Bruno stayed awake that night hitting our tent to make the snow fall down, because snow's weight could break the tent.

From Pacchanta, we had to go to Upis town by bus, and then, we could go back to Cusco city, by bus too.
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