December 10th, 2011

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I'm told this is a really expensive restaurant

This Jim Hawkins has a lovely story:
Bruno and me like to walk around El Centro Histórico de Lima and the streets around. If I go alone, I can easily get lost. Together, we find free art galleries, museums and interesting things to see.
I found Jim during one of these walks, between many other secondhanded toys that a street seller was offering in a corner near Capón Street in Lima (the street of the chinese inmigrants). This Jim Hawkins was a little expensive (ten peruvian soles, a little more than three dollars), so we continued walking and I tried to forget Jim... but I couldn't.
We were going to take the bus to go home when I asked Bruno if we could go back to the place where the street seller was. We were tired after some hours walking and we weren't close to Capón street. The cars and so many people around made the idea annoying for the both of us.
After I bought Jim, I asked Bruno why he agreed to go back to the street seller and he said:
"Because I want to make you happy".

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