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This week's League Assignment

"Take a trip to anywhere in pop culturedom. What fictional town, time, or world would you want to visit?"

I want to go to Terry Pratchett's Discworld!! :D :D :D
I want to visit the Unseen University, its Magic Library and Ankh Morpork. I would love to see Great A'Tuin, to have a chat with the Night Watch and the Librarian, try some magic, become a witch and clean Ankh river.

I tried to make my own Discworld, but there are no action figures of the characters, so I cast some of my action figures to make the worst Discworld diorama ever made:

From left ro right:
Anakin as Teppic
Customized Quirrel figure as Simon
Polly Pocket doll as herself: Eskarina
Harry Potter as Coin
The Corps Marcus Dundee as The Bursar (in spanish known as "El Tesorero")
Max (Ben 20) as the Dean (in spanish: "El Decano")
Severus Snape as the Senior Wrangler (in spanish his name is changed to "El Filósofo Equino")
Albus Dumbledore as Mustrum Ridcully
The Corps Arturo Zorin as the Lecturer in Recent Runes (in spanish known as "El Profesor de Runas Modernas")
Mandril figure as The Librarian. In the Discworld the Librarian ("El Bibliotecario" in spanish) is an orangutan, but I don't have an orangutan figure.
Orko as Rincewind
Milo Tatch as Twoflowers (in spanish known as "Dosflores")
Indiana Jones's ark as The Luggage (missing its many feet!)
Lord Voldemort (Chap Mei figure) as The Death
Witch figure as herself: Nany Weatherwax (in spanish her name is changed to "Yaya Ceravieja")
Videl as Magrat Garlic (in spanish her name is changed to "Magrat Ajostiernos")
Claude Frollo as Lord Havelock Vetinari
Kenner JP Figure I renamed as Owen: Sam Vimes
Kenner LT. Ripley as Sybil Ramkin

I love Discworld novels!! Yay!!

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Wanna join The League?


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