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This Week Asignment from The League: I Have a Dream...

I dream of living 10 to 15 years in the past compared with the rest of the world.

I'm an extremely nostalgic person who enjoys simple stuff like inanimate cheap plastic figures, reading a book or eating some candy. I miss how simple life was in 1998 compared to today. I want to live a life with no smart-something, social networks, fancy or expensive electronic stuff, or having a cellphone that does more than just receiving calls or text messages.
It can sound weird from a person like me (Electronic engineer and software developer) to talk like this, but thanks to my knowledge about technology, I feel that the more advanced electronic stuff is, the more headaches it gives to you. Plus, too much fancy electronic crap will make you forget how beautiful life is in its simplest way.

This photo was taken yesterday:

I must be the only one person on Earth that records music from MP3 to (recycled) cassettes for listening them in a six years old walkman using an old Panasonic radio from mid 90s.
On the bed you can see my Toshiba Laptop (almost 5 years old), my cellphone (7 years old), my mouse attached to the Laptop (15 years old, it is a serial mouse attached to the usb port via a 4 years old USB/Serial converter). The G1 pink pony on the radio is a G1 made in Perú pony from 1985, the yellow G1 baby pony is from 1990, made in Perú too. The toy soldier is the soldier I disguise as Michel Strogoff from time to time.
Except for the freaking amazing laptop and the crappy cellphone, all you needed in 1998-2003 to be happy is in this photo.

I wish life was this simple in 2013.
I dream to life 10 to 15 years in the past forever!

Other great dreams:
A Magazine like this will be awesome!
I have the same dream too...
I also have this dream (In Trujillo city in Perú there is a Toy Museum)
I loved this dream

<<-- Join the league and have a dream too!

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