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This week’s assignment from the League: My biggest regret…

Why did I buy that? Why did I sell that? My biggest regret is…   

Panamá, 2009. Place: Albrook shopping center, near the bouncy balls machines.
We (some enginers) were there for some resting after work stuff. I noticed the bouncy balls, they cost two or four quarter coins (I don't remember). After I got my bouncy ball (I still have it), one of the engineers wanted one too. After putting his quarters inside the machine, he noticed he needed one more quarter, but he had no more coins, so he asked to the rest of us (another engineer and me) if we had a quarter. The other engineer had no coins, but I DID have some quarters, but, at that very moment, I felt greedy and selfish, pretended I had no quarters, so this engineer left with no bouncy ball, and with his other quarters inside the machine.

I couldn't forget this after all these years and I feel simply plain Stupid!! It was just a quarter, but I was so mean inside that I refused to give it to a nice guy, who just wanted a little toy.
So, now, anytime I see my bouncy ball I remember that night and why I must not be so selfish/idiot next time :(

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