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This week’s assignment from the League: My Latest Obsession

In my case is:

Everything started when Chris posted this and this on Stunt Zombies.

Perú is a tropical country, we peruvians rarely (or never) see or touch snow in our entire lives. Plus, it is summer in the south hemisphere from December to March. It is annoying hot here now, and I was sickly tired of summer from... January.

I commented in Chris's blog:

"I have to climp up to +5000 masl (+16400 feet above sea level) to find snow...

He replied:
"I'd consider myself lucky if I had to climb that far to find snow :-p."

So I decided to get lucky >:)

This is how Anticona an San Andrés mountains looked like on March 2nd (Anticona is on the left, San Andrés is on the right, I was there with a mountaineering group called Aire Puro):

Freaking sunny and hot for being 5000 masl. The path to the point where both mountains touch eachother (the "low land" at the center of the photo) was supposed to be covered in snow.

I went home heartbroken, thinking that my beloved snow was dissapearing forever.

Then, on March 9th, I went back with Bruno, Don Raúl, Juanito and Antero. The following photo was taken where the Anticona and San Andrés mountains touch eachother (5100 masl):

AHJSGYTVScasgvagvytaf!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Covered in snow as it were 2010!! :D :D :D

We climbed to the top of the San Andrés (aroung 5200 masl). Sorry, no photos because of bad weather. My crappy 2007 digital camera gets blind with this whiteness :D
I'm told it is freezing above 3200 masl in Haurochirí province (Ticlio is in the frontier between Harochirí and Yauli provinces, in Lima and Junín regions respectively).

Sadly, the glacier itself it is dissapearing. What we have is snow, not ice.

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