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This week’s assignment from the League: My life in one square foot

Ok, I was about to pass this time because of extreme lazyness lack of inspiration.
In fact, this weekend I was like this:

Studying for my Applied Math Master Degree I just started this very month and will last for the next three years. As long as all the books are in pdf format, I bought the cheapest tablet I could find because it will be mainly used as an e-reader (it also ended up for playing my downloaded Gumball episodes :P)
This photo was a candidate for this Week's asignment, but as long as it covers more than one square foot, I discarded it (the amazing Playmobil Flying white car was a gift from my friend Roberto).
So I was about to quit, then I noticed I already had not one but two square feet to show, both of them hanging on my wall since many months ago as part of my room's decoration:

The first one is a cork board my sister left abandoned, the second one was made from a discarded plastic wrapping piece that was the same size of a cork board. You can see a little of the white wrapping plastic between Princess Cadence and the black haired anime guy, over the blue snake.

What catches my eyes is the ring at the center
My favorite is this one
no! my favorite is this one (Can't decide)
Chris is a Nintendo/Swiss knifes lover
I never could draw anything decent with crayolas :(
Primordial Bagdes has a cute parrot
Diary of a Dorkette shows us dolls
All things Calvin
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