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Etno Café - La Paz - The Traveling Picture Show — LiveJournal

About Etno Café - La Paz

Previous Entry Etno Café - La Paz Sep. 13th, 2018 @ 01:09 pm Next Entry
El Etno Café es una cafetería cultural en La Paz.
Etno Café is a cultural coffe shop in La Paz

Estuvimos por la mañana, cuando no hay nadie, este tipo de lugares cobran vida por la noche.
We were there during the morning, when there's nobody, this kind of places get alive during night.

Los dibujos son estereotipos de gente. Mi favorito: "El Hipster":
The drawings are people´s stereotypes. My favorite: "The Hipster"

"Huask'iris Hipsterium"
"absortus in Feis ad Googleum"
Current Location: La Paz - Bolivia
Current Music: Mafalda – Recuperar mi Vida
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