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The Traveling Picture Show

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Formed February 16th, 2005

The concept:
-Take any figurine, action figure, or toy
-Take pictures of their lives, their activities, and their journeys across the world
-Post said pictures here.

The rules:
-Only make a fresh post/thread if you're posting an image. Conversations can be carried on within threads, but the starting post must be an image.
-No negative comments or drama. It will be deleted. This is meant to be a fun environment.

Anybody is free to post here, whether you're a member or not, and everyone should feel free to comment on other people's shots. Be creative! Have fun with it! The idea is to see what you can come up with if you post a new shot every day, preferably using the same figurine for each on. If you're not up for that, that's okay too. Try to keep the pictures at a maximum of 500 pixels in width; if you insist that they be larger, please use lj cuts to keep the page width down. Thanks a lot :)

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